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What we also offer to our associates – renters is a whole range of services:

Guests love active tourism, always and especially in the last 8 years as the whole structure of guests has changed, the length of stay and the interests of guests.

So I studied all the possibilities and started working with family farms from the island of Rab and in this direction we present to guests the family estates of hardworking people who keep the tradition of indigenous products:

olive oil, honey, homemade cheeses from animals from their pastures, we must visit the house of Rab cake, our cathedral, the Benedictine Monastery and their medicinal plant products.

We have also designed bike tours and kayak tours, for groups of divers we have connected with a diving society for all groups of guests who like to feel their adrenaline in the underwater world.

Then, we organize one-day boat trips around the island of Rab, a visit to the nearby islands and also a boat trip on which they have fishing and the catch is prepared on board as a meal.

We are at all times available to all our guests who are accommodated in any accommodation facility for all possible challenges, advice … where to eat, what to see, who to visit, what to take with you as a souvenir.

Also for guests who want to celebrate some of their special moments (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries) we also organize special events with our associates.


we provide

Booking of tourist facilities
Welcoming and guests accommodation
24 h guests service
Property maintenance
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Let us take care

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Mediation in the filling of accommodation  

Unlike agencies with which our partners have collaborated before, APARTMENTS S☀LE-RAB allows their renters not only the fixed take-over of the facility, but also the flexible cooperation in which the owners can book facilities themselves.

In addition, there is a business option in which owners of apartments, for our 30 per cent commission, do not have to take any care of their facilities.

All they need to do is legalize and categorize their facility, trusting us with the rest of their work and collect their 70 per cent of the profit.

This form of business is quite popular on Rab, for which we also had to prepare a detailed business plan (which lasted for full nine months) that was approved by our competent institutions.

Contracts are not long-term, but expire after one year, while other agencies draft contracts for at least two years.

Easy communication with guests who come and go will always be a bond between the guest and the renter, at any given point and with nothing left to chance – this is our recipe and our success.


Maintaining your accommodation

What we offer is the whole range of services, from the booking of tourist facilities to the complete takeover of the facility: cleaning, linen washing, and maintenance of the facility, for which we have contracted cooperation with our business partners.

We adapt our cooperation to the individual needs of our partners, that is, renters.

There are no real limitations in our business –  passion and good organization are the most important. Web marketing plays a great role of course, while the quality of our work is the greatest advertisement



Cafes and patisseries

Local events





Sailing and surfing

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