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Ljubica Lončarević

the founder and owner of the successful agency for mediation in tourism APARTMENTS SOLE-RAB started this business accompanied by a great desire and strong will to do something different from others and to correct the shortcomings in her work that she noticed in others.
For 15 years of market research, working in tourism, also as a small renter, completing all the necessary education and training in practice, a small empire was created in parallel, which today includes 250 accommodation units.

We offer apartments, holiday homes with swimming pools for all guests and for guests of all payment options.What we offer is a whole range of services, from booking tourist facilities to the complete takeover of the facility: cleaning, washing bed linen and maintenance of the facility for which I have a contract with our business partners.

We adapt our cooperation to the individual needs of our associates, ie renters. There are actually no restrictions in our business, only passion and good organization, of course web marketing plays a big role and of course a quality job, which is our biggest advertisement.

Tourism is different now than it was five, ten or fifteen years ago.Tourists are currently looking for so-called research tourism, come by low-cost flights for a few days.
It’s popular, with these being short-term arrivals, but with a lot more overnight stays and good recharges.
We are also working on these business segments to bring our guests to the islands from Zadar and Krk airports as easily as possible.
This is where airlines, taxi carriers, apartment owners, restaurants, domestic food and beverage producers, family farms profit … All of this can be put together into interesting arrangements that then bring in quite a good profit. Low-cost flights have made a total revolution in tourism and all this is going in a good direction for the entire tourism in Croatia, including our beautiful island of Rab.
There are a lot of ideas, plans, and set goals, but we are also looking forward to this easy journey because doing this wonderful job is a real pleasure and satisfaction.



Booking of tourist facilities
Welcoming and guests accommodation
24 h guests service
Property maintenance

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Mediation in the filling of accommodation  

Unlike agencies with which our partners have collaborated before, APARTMENTS SOLE-RAB allows their renters not only the fixed take-over of the facility but also the flexible cooperation in which the owners can book facilities themselves.


Maintaining your accommodation 
What we offer is the whole range of services, from the booking of tourist facilities to the complete takeover of the facility: cleaning, linen washing and maintenance of the facility, for which we have a contracted cooperation with our business partners.




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